Who delivers food near me

The delivery of food is a necessary step to take in a futuristic society. The population has become increasingly high at rates that seem to be out of the ordinary. For example, only in 1950, the community was not even three billion. This is an extreme increase for the current almost seven billion people. This is when one must analyze the facts about overpopulation.broccoliWhen considering our already serious overpopulation problems, this makes the future of excessive consumption seem bleak. These people can not be trusted to plunder the land and the food markets. It will become and is becoming the role of government in rationing food wisely. If this is not done, the consequences are likely to be harsh, but more people do not necessarily mean more problems. In The Lugano Report, Susan George states: “Modern hunger responds much more to market forces than to absolute physical scarcity and rarely affects the well-to-do” (105). There is power in numbers. When there are more people to perform a service, for example, food delivery, there is more than one market.

Since the population problem will fall mainly on the market, society must ensure that the market is sealed. This means that the food delivery market should be easily accessible and completely ready. To be sealed, there must be a supply of demand. The amount is here. The necessary resources are easily obtained, but in the hands of all consumers, the amount can be quickly exhausted and wasted. This is when large-scale agriculture must be implemented, ensuring sufficient food even for an excess of people. David Pimentel explains in his book “Food, Energy, and Society” that “we would need to triple the global food supply to meet the basic food needs of the eleven billion people expected to be alive. 1,000 percent of the total energy consumed in food production.

This would be a case of a guided and unnatural market, but it will be necessary for society is so healthy to turn to. It is entirely possible to develop as well. Unemployment is at its peak, and people are always looking for work. Also, according to the Office of Statistical Records of the US Department of Transportation, There are approximately 62 million vehicles registered in the United States. Now, there are many workers and means of transportation. Developing a large-scale food distribution network is entirely possible.

This significant considering that one can do almost anything on your computer in the present. The amenities do not end there. People do not wash their clothes manually; they do not build their cars, they do not even need to look for water. To add to the madness, people can communicate with each other with the touch of a hand. This opens the opportunity for almost anyone to access the food delivery option. If 51% of all Americans own a computer, then they are already safe to order food online. The machine is a technological monster in the world of communication and has only experienced the initial stages of his life. Considering that this is not the only access option, the whole aspect of access does not seem to be a problem.