Why people like spicy food?

Why people like spicy food

Every living creature depends on food with a greater percentage as a source of life and energy. Human beings as living creatures take food in different proportions and components that make sense in their way of survival. People take food with different spices for so many reasons that bring sense in the way of life. Some of these reasons are well identified and self-explanatory.Why people like spicy foodMost individuals love to use spices in their food so as to feel the heat and pain of it at the same time. Most of these spices come from plants that produce fruits and seeds that have hot nature so as to prevent them from being destroyed by animals. Although these chemicals seem to be dangerous, some small proportions are used by people so as to add flavor to their meals. People would love to use this spices so as to add aroma and flavor to food so as for it to be tasty.paprikaAlso, human beings would love to add spices to their meals since a human being has developed a resistance against these hot kinds of stuff from plant chemicals. Through this character in human beings, it has made people develop a culture to consume more of these hot plant chemicals since it has effects on human beings.

Also, some cultural values do contribute to people using spices in their entire life. In India and China, most meals are spiced since an individual was born young until one becomes an adult. Through this continuous use of spices, one becomes addicted and used to meals only with spices so as to feel the tastiness of their meals.hot-pepperSpices also at some point are believed to have health benefits to human life. A good example is one prefers to take hot meals with believing that it will help to clear lungs leading to lungs functioning properly. Also, spices like chili, ginger e.t.c are believed to have more benefits in the human body. Also, it is believed that hot meals with spices will lead to increased metabolic processes due to some of the triggers caused by the spices to the brain leading to brain responding in providing some special enzymes and stimulus so as to cope with the spices hotness.chilliThe main importance of spices in food is to make food tasty for consumption. Spiced food is sweeter as compared to plain food whereby some spices once cooked brings sweet taste to the entire food, this makes individuals enjoy their meals and even eat more leading to an increased lifestyle. Therefore, spiced food will always appear to be more sweet as compared to food that has only salt or sugar.

In conclusion, sweet meals are made possible by incorporation of a good number of spices. Experts in cooking will incorporate natural spices to food so as to bring a unique taste compared to the same meal that has no spices. Spices play a major role in making individuals like food more so when they love the spice aroma or taste.

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